Recently the Memorial Garden and Memorial Wall were refurbished with the assistance of the New South Wales Transport Minister, the CE of Sydney Trains and the Cumberland Council. The garden has been repathed, new seating provided and new granite tablets installed on the existing wall, correcting the thirteen previously incorrectly spelled names. 
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On 18 January 1977 a packed commuter train from the Blue Mountains derailed at Granville which resulted in the loss of 83 lives. On 18 January, 2017 we honoured those men, women and children at the 40th Anniversary which was attended by over three hundred people including His Excellency General David Hurley and Mrs Hurley and the Prime Minister of Australia, the Honourable Malcom Turnbull and Mrs Turnbull. The event was run by the Granville Train Disaster Association with the support of Cumberland Council and the Granville Historical Society.  Our grateful thanks to the Council and the Historical Society and others who assisted on the day including the Salvation Army and St John's Ambulance. Special thanks to Bishop Hayward and Rev. Wong for hosting the service at St Mark's Anglican Church.
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* The NSW Premier on the 4th May 2017 apologised on behalf of the NSW Government in the Parliament of NSW - From now to eternity this apology has finally been recorded in the Hansard parliamentary records - click Hansard Report above to be taken to the HANSARD REPORT *